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The TALA Motorsports Association is designed for every motorsport participant and spectator. TMSA is growing daily embarking on the most current trends of 4-wheel drive motor sports. All the proceeds raised by TMSA will be dedicated to the preservation of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.



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6/29 - 7/01 2012

Alright you pro-stockers, you are officially being called out. I have a race weekend in store that is just going to blow your mind. I have a three day race going on right now where you guys are going to be the heavy hitters. I want to be able to say that the bragging rights for this class is at my track. Saturday is the ET time race, it will be ran on the bubble with $80.00 entry fees covering both passes. Paying back three places splitting $1800. meaning it pays $900.00 to win. Then on Sunday, having a Pro-Stock heads up pro tree drag race, that's right no dial-ins nothing but the first one to the finish line takes the win. This is a $50.00 entry fee with $1000.00 to a winner take all race. This is where the bragging is fellows. I will get you some man trophies to go with your PHAT checks, but to be honest if you didn't compete here then you missed the chance for the money to talk, and well you know the rest. Tell me what you think and how many of you will come see me for this kinda racing. There are no excuses accepted after June 30th. When the green light drops we will know who has the badest truck in all the land, and if you aren't here, well that stinks for you!!!

And you mud trucks out there, don't think I have forgotten about you!!!! Check out the payout tab up there and see what you guys are going to be racing for.  That's right big money..Everyone of you have a chance to be a heavy hitter in mudbogging. I don't care if you drive it in or haul it in you are going to be a part of the biggest mud race North Central West Virginia has ever seen.  There are going to be trucks galore, and you will want to be a part of history in the making.  This race is so huge that coming in 8th or 9th place will give you some reasons to brag!!!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS COME GET SOME!!!!!

Weekend Camping and Gate Passes Available at $40.00 per person
Gate fees are $10.00 per person under 12 are free.

You better Get here on Friday for the meet the drivers, swap meet, and TEST and TUNE!!!!

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