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Absolutely NO DRINKING until racing is over, complete forfeit of entry fees and winnings if seen drinking while racing

Absolutely No Stupid handling of vehicles, including non-racing rides, this is an automatic disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees and winnings. examples:
do not enter the pit areas like your making a pass, the majority of driver's have children in their pits, do not cross over the shut down area while the race is going on.

All drivers must have a valid driver's license to drive, this will be checked.

All drivers must have the required gear and safety equipment as laid out in the Truck Classes.

All vehicles must meet safety regulations.

All driver's must have their vehicles in the staging area when the class is announced, no exceptions or excuses.

All driver's have 3 minutes to get to the line once their name has been announced, ABSOLUTELY no exceptions to this rule. If you don't understand this rule, look at the crowd you are racing for and see if they are bored out of thier minds waiting for you.

The track official has the final say, in any matter pertaining to a truck's eligibility to participate in a class

If you have more than one pass in your class, go back to the staging area, DO NOT return to your pit.

Track and Tech officials have final say period, there is no reason to argue, as this WILL NOT change our minds.

Any Vacuum classes must return to the staging area and are not to return to their pits or go under the hood until they have been teched out.  There will be officials watching this, if you need to go under your hood find a tech official and ask for him to be present to maintain there is no wrenching between passes.  What you have at the initial tech is what you are racing with guys.

ALL protests will be handled the same way, bring a non-refundable $200.00 to Official with the complaint, do not come up and just complain as there will be nothing done.


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